Plagiarism Prevention

Every month thousands of articles are submitted to this site. We fight Plagiarism by using robust technology like “Content Filtration “as well as by manually reviewing each article.

Identifying Plagiarism

Firstly, when an article is submitted on this site, we scan the originality of the content before publishing it online. Further, we have integrated robust API with our Content Management System that enables us to automatically check new content submitted on this site.

Batch Processing

Time to time we use “Our Batch Processing Script” for checking almost 10,000 pages in a single operation. This helps us to fight with “Plagiarism” as well as ‘Duplicate Content Issues’ and also keep this site neat and clean.

Manual Process

Apart from using the above technologies, we also try our best to check manually check each and every article before publishing it online.


You can help us to fight Plagiarism and make Internet, Google Search and this site a better place to read, write and enjoy.

If you’ve found any user, author, writer or contributor violating our site Policies or Agreements, please let us know. Thank You.

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