Content Filtration

This website is considered as a family-safe site. If your article has content which you wouldn’t be comfortable viewing at work or with family members around, then it probably isn’t an appropriate article for this site.


We are using a renowned ‘Content Filtration’ Plugin integrated with our Content Management System. It scans our entire database (including post title, article contents, comments, tags, tag cloud and etc.) for specific keywords (Prohibited Content) and then it automatically flag the word as “****”. Additionally, it creates an excel file mentioning the “List of Articles’ where ‘Prohibited Content’ is found and sends an email notification to us. After reviewing it we remove those pages from our site and Google index and simultaneously we send an email to the respective Authors this regarding the same.

Manual Process

Apart from using the above technologies, our editors manually check each and every article before publishing it online. Our content review teams also use the site: search operation on Google Search for finding contents that may violate our “Content Guidelines”. Further, they also use the Google Image Search for the same query to find violation of our “Image Guidelines”.


You can help us to keep this site “Family Friendly”. If you’ve found any user, author, writer or contributor violating our site Policies or Agreements. Please contact us using our Contact Us form.

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